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ERMO: A puzzle game about harmony and inner peace

Today we’re so thrilled to show you our work-in-progress game.


ERMO is a puzzle game with a very minimal gameplay. Shift the tiles to align the columns.

That’s it! Yeah, it sounds poor, but you’re be overwhelmed by the deep dynamics that arise from just the basic levels.

Featured with an ethereal graphic, ERMO favors calm and peace, while keep your head on the puzzle.

There are several game modes, also. But, to not spoil too much and let you discover the world of ERMO, we end here for now.

Oh, there are some beautiful landscapes too…

ERMO brings you in a place far away from where you can isolate your mind and reach inner peace.

You can read more about ERMO on the game page or devblog.

Stay in touch

ERMO is currently in development, stay tuned for more coming next days.

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