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RUNA: Arrange and spread the light - a gorgeous puzzle game

Today we’re so excited to write about our new game.


RUNA is a spatial-word puzzle game with a minimal and elegant design.

A way throughout the shadows

Arrange and spread the light. Irradiate the way up to higher sky.

Set the order, set the route, set the focus. Let the energy flows on the path of the Light.

RUNA is a gorgeous puzzle game with celestial graphics and delicate sounds.

You’ll make use of reasoning, logic, experimentation and research.

Release date!

RUNA will be available for iOS on 30th January 2019.

On Android (open beta) and Windows Phone later the month after.

Save the date and keep supporting us.

Try out the beta

In the meanwhile you can play the beta for free:

Access the beta

You can know more about RUNA on the game page or devblog.

Stay in touch

RUNA is currently in development, stay tuned for more coming in the next days.

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