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ERMO - Beta Update #1

Hello players, this post gives details about the first beta update for ERMO.

As you can imagine, we’re working hard to improve the game according your comments.

We released a new update: v0.5.0. It’s available on all platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

If you hadn’t a chance to join to the beta testing, you can do it now.

Access the beta

Change log

Here the highlight of the v0.5.0

  • Colorblind settings
  • UI retry refinements
  • Theme as un-lockable content via challenge

Change details

As requested by many, ERMO now features a colorblind settings as long with the WEB version. You can access it by the settings menu in the level screen.

Once activated, each color will be decorated with a unique symbol to easier distinguish blocks. In the bar, symbols are in black to contemplate both empty and matched target (filled by color).

We improved the retry experience by adding a “Play Again” button. In this way, you can play again the same level with out the need to go back to the main screen.

A message clearly states that the score will be reset.

Now ERMO features a challenge engine by which some tasks are available to the player to earn some reward.

By this tool, now you can unlock Themes by completing a challenge.

The challenge engine is quite flexible, we plan to use it in several ways. This is just to scratch the surface.

There’re a lot more still to come.


You can download the beta version:

ios downloadandroid downloadwindows downloadxbox downloadsteam downloadEARLY

Hope you enjoy ERMO and its ethereal world.

Stay in touch

ERMO is currently in development, stay tuned for more coming next days.

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