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Aedo Episodes - Update #2 (big)

Hello players, we happy to show you the second update of Aedo Episodes. Unlike the previous one, this is a major update with many new elements and a richer gameplay experience.

This update push forward both the story and game content with new puzzles and challenges.

This updated is tagged by version: v1.2.0. It’s available on all platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Aedo EpisodesPuzzle adventure
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Main Changes

As this is the first major update of the game, we wanted to put our best efforts to create beautiful scenes and enjoyable puzzles, balancing the difficulty with fresh content.

A curated list of the main new features and changes of this update:

  • New Episodes: 4 episodes
  • New Minigame: Terrazze
  • Story: 2 new sequences
  • New gameplay mode: rafting

New Episodes (4)

This update comes with new four full featured episode. Each one introduces new elements, charaters and sidequests to challenge your logic reasoning and action reflexes. Let us introduce the episodes:

  • Piano Arso
  • Acque Fetide pt1
  • Acque Fetide pt2
  • Temple 2

Piano Arso

The journey of the Marked continues through an arid land. Overcame new obstacles and dangers, let the hero pass thanks to your skills.

Acque Fetide pt1

A swamp and a rainy weather can not stop the hero to proceed to the next temple. New encounters will put new concerns and tasks to accomplish.

Acque Fetide pt2

As the swamp became thinner, you have to lead the hero across plagued waters. Here the hero will take some rafting for the first time. Keep focus as the next temple is closer.

Temple 2

The second sacred temple. New gems to collect. A new ritual to complete to clear the deep and wide desolation.

New Minigame: Terrazze

In some levels, Jolly the collector asks you to gather some tiles. With them, you will play a new logic minigame: Terrazze.

The goal is to put all tiles in columns of the same color. More about this game in a future dedicated blog post.

This minigame is quite challenging on higher level. Hope you enjoy it.


The Aedo keeps to tell the story. In this update, you will know how the curse of the Mark is born. The Aedo introduces a character from a distant and forgotten past, the first King and his deep darkness.


Follow the story of the Marked and let him accomplish the destiny! Test you smartness and challenge yourself with puzzles, minigames and logic reasoning.

Aedo EpisodesPuzzle adventure
ios downloadandroid downloadwindows download

Follow us

We dind’t finished yet. We’re keeping to develop Aedo Episodes with more content and to complete the story. Stay tuned.

Drop us your toughts, your hints and suggestions. Thanks for all your invaluable feedbacks.

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