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Aedo Episodes - Minigame Lockpicking

Today we want to introduce the first puzzle you can find in Aedo Episodes. It’s not a complex enigma, just a little challenge the hero will face in the journey.


Into the adventure, some items are locked and cannot immediately accessed. Items include gates, special chests, and so on…

Padlocks protect various items. You have the choice to unlock them by using your ability with a picklock.

Each padlock has some moving gears inside. You have to put a picklock through all gears to block them. In this way, the padlock will unlock, and give you access to the next area or the item inside the chest.

The picture above portrays the internal of a padlock with its random moving gears. A gear can shift from left to right or in the opposite way, but once it begins to move, it moves always in the same direction.
There are cogs on each gear, the darker blocks on the picture. You have to advance the picklock between cogs and try to not hit them.


Here’s the level 15 of the Incipit episode, where the hero meets a locked gate.

To solve the minigame, move the picklock forward and avoid to hit cogs. This will block all gears and unlock the padlock. Now, the hero can go further and continue the journey.

In the journey, the hero will face several locked items. Each time you can picklock them. The minigame gets harder with some changes like gear number, cog density and rotation speed.

In addition, some item requires more steps, because it can be locked by multiple padlocks. In that case, you have to unlock them one by one.

Wrapping up

In the game, the lockpicking is a brief breath from the demanding adventure the hero is taking. It’s a nice distraction to break the player tension.
Would you have a steady hand to unlock all access?

We leave you now, working on the next minigame to blog about.

The journey is long.

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