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Aedo Episodes - Beta test update #2

Hello again, this is the second update of the Aedo Episodes beta testing.

According lots of feedback we received, in this update we introduce two new skills.

We published the version v1.0.9. It’s available on all platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

New skill: Reminiscence

The first skill we talk about is:


By using this skill, the hero will go back to the previous level, to live it again. You can redo it, do something you missed or improve the score and earn more coins.
What changes in the story? Nothing. The Aedo is telling this story, and he will tell again the level as if someone asked him to repeat the previous phrase.

The hero earns this skill very early in the Incipit episode. This allows you to take advance soon in the game. Don’t worry if you already completed the level where the hero gets skill. With this update, the hero receives automatically the skill, if you are ahead in the journey.

New skill: SkipLevel

Some feedback asked the possibility to skip a level.


We added the SkipLevel skill to prevent a player to be stuck on a level he can’t pass or he wants to do later. The hero will get this skill, in the middle of the Andantino episode. It allows the hero to go directly to the next level. Beware: you will not get a score nor earn coins.

Try the game!

If you aren’t a tester yet and want to try our game, you can join our beta testing here: Access the beta

Thanks for all your invaluable feedbacks.

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