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Aedo Episodes - Beta test update #1

Hello testers, this is the first of several updates we blog about the beta testing of Aedo Episodes.

We’re working hard on the game to push more content and improve it.

We released a new update: the version v1.0.8. It’s available on all platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

New content

This update comes with a new full featured episode.
Join us to welcome Spelonca, our fourth episode.

Set in a dark obscure cavern, the journey of the Marked continues through new challenges, new tricky puzzles and new objects to interact with.

There will be new characters the hero will meet. New sidequests to complete and choices to make.

Hope you like this new episode.
Let us know any feedback about.

Difficulty tuning

In order to keep the adventure challenging, we strive to design levels with a balanced difficulty. A level introduces some new element, the level after combine it in a harder interaction.

Our data show the hardest level is Incipit 10, with more than 200 crashes!

To avoid this bloodbath, we added a specific hint and decreased log intervals a little bit.
But sometimes, this is not enough. As the entire game, this level requires logic reasoning. So, don’t rush! Just imagine first the right interaction and try to understand the log behaviors. The solution will appear very easy with the right sequence of interactions.

Try the game!

If you aren’t a tester yet and want to try our game, you can join the beta testing here: Access the beta

Thanks for all your invaluable feedbacks.

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