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Aedo Episodes - Action phase

In an earlier post we discussed about _tactic phase. Today we talk about the related and twin phase, featuring in all Aedo Episodes levels: the _action phase.

The action phase is more direct and immediate. It challenges player fingers. After a brief time spent in the tactic phase on level examination, players have to put into action the strategy to pass the level.

Here some troubles the hero will face during the adventure.


Sometime the difficulty comes from the synchrony as objects can move autonomously. The player has to start off on the right foot.


Obstacles usually block the path. By touching them the player can achieve a clear path. Often the player has to move an obstacle to the correct starting place and then, in the action phase, move it back while the hero passes by it.

Actionable and platforms

Occasionally the path is disconnected. The player has to activate floating platforms to across gaps.

In the action phase players interact with the environment objects: platforms, obstacles, traps, buttons and any sort of dangerous element. Every objects fave its own way to deal with. Players have to understand each unique behavior and pass away from them.

In the next posts we will write about other action elements like chests and gates.

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