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Aedo Episodes - Few aesthetic features

Aedo Episodes takes advance of non-original graphics to speed up development as we lack proper graphic skills. We hope to fill this gap soon, we are looking for a game graphic designer to join the team.

In the meantime, we are working hard to ship our first game with the best of our possibilities.

Continuous adventure feeling

Aedo Episodes is a story of a long adventure. The journey is split in several levels, where each screen covers a single level with smooth transition with the next one.

We think this greatly improves the playing experience and achieves the continuous feeling. We wanted to avoid the level selection screen, because interruptions break engagement. The adventure flows straight, it seems more real and carries naturally the player forward.

Immersive atmosphere

The title screen adapts to the actual location where the adventure is proceeding. We keep the player focused on the journey with no distraction.

Non intrusive menu

With the same intent, we made the menu system overlays the level. The game still goes on and, while the player browses the menu, the ambient and all elements continue to live. The general goal is to reduce intrusions of non gameplay elements to the minimum possible.

We hope our choices contribute to create a great gaming experience and reach players with more intensity. After all this is a story and we aim it can allow listeners falling into.

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Aedo Episodes will be available for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone.

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