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Aedo Episodes - Tactic phase

Aedo Episodes core gameplay is a combination of both logic and action. But they are not mixed up, instead there is an ordered alternation between the two. Each level involves both elements, logic first and then the action.
The first phase, here named tactic phase, requires smart thinking and it is a challenge for the brain.

In the tactic phase while the hero waits, the player has to accomplish the following tasks.

Try to guess the hero path

Each level has two indicators: the path length and the fix counter. In this level the hero will do 18 steps and you have 1 fix to make in the level. As you can see in the screenshot, there’s two holes where the hero could fall. By watching carefully the terrain and other elements, the player has to guess the right path the hero will do. In this case, the rock spike blocks the south path, hence the hero can only go to the north. To solve this level, the player has to fix the north bridge and then touch the hero to start to walk through the path.

Here is a complete example from an easy level.

Prepare platforms

Sometimes there are some moving platforms or floating objects the player have to use to across gaps. Before the player moves the hero, he has to put them in the right position to have a clean path.

Move and memorize obstacle paths

Obstacles can block the path in multiple ways. The player has to touch them to put them apart, if possible. Sometimes this is not the case, because an obstacle can still block the path. The player has to memorize the obstacle path and put the obstacle in the right starting position. Then in the action phase, by following the hero path, he will move it when required according the timings.

It’s all for now. We hope you’ll enjoy these features to bring logic and reasoning elements to the gameplay. But we don’t stop here. We plan to add more and more. Active objects and special skills are in the backlog.

Stay tuned.

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Aedo Episodes will be available for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone.

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