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BIOK is available for pre-order on iOS

We’re very happy to announce that BIOK is now available for pre-order on iOS.

Head to the Apple Store and get BIOK!


Gameplay Trailer

About BIOK

BIOK is pure strategy and intuition. A board game for the ingenious and the acute minds.
Lead the creatures on the playing field to capture monsters and all kinds of items. Watch the monsters’ eyes and guide them to their preys.

BIOK includes several game modes such as survival and bonus, where you can enjoy different gameplay and new challenges. There’re many creatures with different behavior to make the game always fresh.


  • Simple controls and fluid mechanics, super simple to understand and fun to use
  • 60 levels in many worlds with various maps
  • 10 creatures with different characteristics and abilities
  • Bonus and survival mode to solve puzzles and challenges
  • Special objects and environmental elements
  • Secondary missions and hidden objectives
  • Achievement and integration with Game Center
  • Fun and suitable for all age

Pre-Order now

Biok is available for iOS


Stay in touch

BIOK will be release soon, stay tuned for more coming next days.

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