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ERMO is coming soon on Steam

We’re so happy to announce that ERMO is coming to Steam.

ERMO will be available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

ERMO will have a period of early access starting next week (about).

Steam page

Early access

ERMO has some experimental features to share player designed levels and challenge friends to beat them. With the help of the community, we can adopt what is the best choice to provide that feature.

In addition, ERMO runs fullscreen and in immersive mode. It would be nice to collect feedback on this, and understand if players prefer other modes, like “semi windowed” to play and keep multitasking.

Although ERMO is already well tested, squash bugs and get rid of any platform annoyance would be our top priority.


Actually ERMO includes 4 game modes + 1 Bonus mode and about 100 puzzle level/stages. In addition ERMO includes 1 mod, with a special theme and special gameplay rules.

In the early access period we’ll create more content, to reach about 200 level/stages. We’ll create also 1 more mod, to introduce another special item, new gameplay rules and its related theme.

Actual state

ERMO can be played in full. All main features are already developed and well tested. The level editor and level creation process, both work very good.

In the Early Access period we’ll introduce the possibility to share levels with friends, and all other features mentioned in previous comments.

Steam presence

In the meanwhile head to the ERMO Steam page, wishlist and engage with us and the community

Steam page

What’s included

  • Simple, intuitive and profound mechanics
  • 60 levels with 150+ block puzzles
  • Hand-crafted balanced difficulty to make all levels always challenging
  • 4 different and intriguing modes
  • BONUS levels with easy item collecting to refill your stocks
  • Level designer! Create your own levels and share with friends
  • Achievements and leaderbords
  • Ethereal graphic design, provides peace and serenity
  • Adaptive and immersive experience: ERMO runs beautiful everywhere, from mobile and tablet to TV wide screens

Stay in touch

ERMO is still in development, stay tuned for the next wave of content we’ll release very soon.

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