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ERMO is coming soon to iOS

Mark the date! ERMO is soon to be released on iPhone and iPad!

On 24 October 2017 ERMO will be available on iOS world wide!

Prepare yourself to be captured into the ERMO world, carried away by an ethereal atmosphere.

In the meanwhile you can play the beta:

Access the beta


What’s included

  • Simple, intuitive and profound mechanics
  • 60 levels with 150+ block puzzles
  • Hand-crafted balanced difficulty to make all levels always challenging
  • 4 different and intriguing modes
  • BONUS levels with easy item collecting to refill your stocks
  • Level designer! Create your own levels and share with friends
  • Achievements and leaderbords
  • Ethereal graphic design, provides peace and serenity
  • Adaptive and immersive experience: ERMO runs beautiful everywhere, from mobile and tablet to TV wide screens

Stay in touch

ERMO is still in development, stay tuned for the next wave of content we’ll release very soon.

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