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Aedo Episodes - Update #1 (minor)

Hello players, this is the first of several updates of Aedo Episodes we blog about.

We’re working hard on the game to push more content and improve it.

We released a new update: v1.1.6. It’s available on all platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

As a minor, this update doesn’t add something new, but instead addresses some feedback received and fixes few defects.

Main Changes

  • Difficulty tuning
  • Story sequences redesigned

Difficulty tuning

In order to keep the adventure challenging, we strive to design levels with a balanced difficulty. A level introduces some new element, the level after combine it in a harder interaction.

Our data show the levels Incipit 8 and Incipit 9 create serious issues among players. Too many crashes that can disrupt the enjoyable factor.

So we redesigned them to better suit the learning curve.


The actual two story sequences are refactored and made more straight. The Aedo begins to tell the events before the curse of the Mark struck all the people.

Try the game!

The update is live now. You can download the game from the app store.

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