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Aedo Episodes goes public! Try now the open beta!

Oh oh, finally we got something nice to set public. You can try Aedo Episodes right now. The game is publicly available for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone.

What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Aedo EpisodesPuzzle adventure
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The game still is in beta status as we need to fine tune few remaining items.
Let us know any feedback you have about.
What you don’t like? What you would change?

About the game

Aedo Episodes is a logic puzzle game about a hero’s destiny you have no control. You have to manipulate the environment, beat puzzles and enigmas, complete minigames and accomplish sidequests to allow the hero complete the journey.

Get lost in the story and follow the hero as he reach out his fate.

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Aedo Episodes will soon published for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone.

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