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Aedo Episodes - Game introduction

Aedo Episodes is a puzzle game with logic and action elements.

Logic & Action

You can’t directly control the hero, but you interact with the environment, as the hero advances automatically. The hero stands steady at the beginning of each level. You have to touch the hero to start.

Each level involves two phases: the tactic phase and action phase, where you will use your logic and ability. Here is a little example of a level gameplay.

We’re striving to create a right balance between logic and action, and we hope players enjoy this mix.
More to come about phases. Stay tuned.


The game is developed in javascript using cocos2d-js framework for the rendering and apache cordova to target multiple platforms.

For now the progress with javascript and cocosjs continues to be positive and the performance are quite good.
We will publish some code to share our experience dealing with javascript, frameworks and overall game development.

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Aedo Episodes will be available for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone.

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